Eva Moskowitz (158797)
Credit: Twitter

Some people want New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio out of office at all costs.

Things have gotten so tight for the mayor publicly that Republicans are allegedly entertaining the notion of a Democrat running on their ticket. That Democrat being Eva Moskowitz, Success Academy CEO and charter school hero to many.

According to a report in the New York Post, Manhattan Republican Party officials are searching far and wide for a challenger to de Blasio, who has recently seen his poll numbers tumble to an all-time low, and they are willing to let the former City Council member and Education Committee chairwoman run on their party’s ticket to get de Blasio out. But they were quick to tell the paper that they would prefer a registered Republican to challenge the mayor.

A Republican strategist spoke with the AmNews about the possibility of Moskowitz running for mayor, and the person had high praise for the charter school leader.

“The Republican Party has long been fierce advocates for school choice, and there is no one in the city who has demonstrated the fruits of that more than Eva Moskowitz,” the strategist told the AmNews. “She’s literally changed lives and it’s a very appealing quality, particularly when you look at the rampant dysfunction at the Board of Education under this mayor.”

But the strategist was quick to mention that local GOP officials are still feeling their way around.

“It’s still early though, and I think you’ll see the rank and file Republicans keep their powder dry as other potential candidates emerge who fit a broad set of qualifications, particularly on crime and the economy,” the strategist said.

When asked to respond to reports of a potential Moskowtiz run, a de Blasio spokesperson directed the AmNews to a statement the mayor made during a recent news conference.

“Here’s my simple message—I’ve made very clear, I have one ambition, which is running for reelection as mayor of New Yorker City,” said de Blasio. “I’m going to run on the message that we created affordable housing, that we improved test scores in our schools, created pre-K and after-school programs on an unprecedented level, reduced crime, reduced stop-and-frisk, created municipal IDs. Now almost half a million people have them.”

The mayor continued, “I’m going to run on the issues, and anyone who wants to run against me, God bless them. And I’d like to see what they want to put up in comparison to that in terms of record of achievement on behalf of the people of this city. So come one, come all.”

Moskowitz has a little more than one year to switch her registration from Democrat to Republican. If she does not switch parties yet still runs on the Republican ticket, under state law, she would need three out of five New York City party chairs to approve of the candidacy.