Coach Todd Bowles (160374)
Credit: Bill Moore

Someone should give Kanye West a copy of New York Jets first-year head coach Todd Bowles’ press conference for pointers on being concise, being fluid and getting to the point.

When asked about the direction and progress of the Jets, after their 28-18 Saturday night victory against the New York Giants, Bowles said, “We understand the process. It’s good to win while you’re learn- ing that process, but we’ve got a ways to go. We know we’ve got our work cut out for us, but the guys are starting to jell, and they did some good things.”

In regard to receiving the updated medical report on the injury and recovery of rookie defensive linebacker Leonard Williams, who was hurt in the second quarter of last Saturday’s Snoopy Bowl, Bowles stated, “I was relieved to have it, and I’m hopeful for week one. He says he’s starting to feel better by the day.When I see him running, I’ll feel a lot better. But right now, he’s walking pretty good, and he’s feeling in good spirits.SoI’m in the fourth and final game hopeful.” of this preseason against the His starting quarterback, Philadelphia Eagles. He needs Ryan Fitzpatrick, didn’t play to keep Fitzpatrick and the other first-teamers healthy for the start of the season Sunday, Sept. 13, 10 days from now.

But Bowles was vague on who’ll fill in—rookie Bryce Petty, who’s been getting some time, or the newly acquired veterans Matt Flynn and Josh Johnson.

“I’m working on that now,”he said.“As much as he [Petty] needs playing time, I need to see those other two guys [Flynn] and play, too.”

On that note, there’ll be several players who won’t be get- ting any more playing time with the Jets after this week, being that the Jets, as well as the other 31 NFL teams, will cut their rosters to 53 players, as mandated by the league. Jace Amoro’s season ending shoulder injury provides an opportunity for another tight end to stay on, or to get picked up.