Brooklyn BP Eric Adams greets parade goer at West Indian American Day Carnival (161168)
Credit: Daniel Goodine

Political officials on the national, state and local levels talked about the state of workers on Labor Day. Making sure to remind people that the “unofficial end of summer” means more than just one last day at the beach, one government official stated that the national pre-fall party is about work—a certain kind of work paid for with blood.

“Labor Day is about more than barbecues and a three-day weekend,” said U.S. Labor Department Secretary Tom Perez in a statement. “It is a day owned by every one of us, to honor our contributions to America’s strength and prosperity. Today, we’re looking at more than 13 million private-sector jobs created since 2010, and 66 consecutive months of private-sector job growth. That is prosperity that we created together. And it deserves to be recognized.

“The problem is that far too many Americans still aren’t sharing in that prosperity.”

Meanwhile, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman spoke about the current “Fight for $15” movement, his advocacy for workers’ right and protecting workers.

“I am proud to stand with workers fighting for better wages, safer working conditions and critical benefits which strengthen the security and prosperity of all our citizens,” said Schneiderman. “While we have made significant progress in securing stronger protections for workers, our work is far from finished. Whether battling against wage theft, working to ensure more reliable scheduling or calling for a real, livable wage, I will continue to fight alongside New Yorkers for dignity, respect and fairness in the workplace.”

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams spoke of his union credentials and how his experience as a member has helped him in his political career.

“I have been a union member most of my working life, and I am proud to be a link in the long chain of men and women, brothers and sisters, that have united to make the American labor movement strong,” said Adams in a statement. “If we are to continue to progress forward as a nation, it will be because we respect the role of the American worker in our words and our actions. I wish everyone a safe and joyous celebration of this Labor Day, and I thank all those who work every day to make Brooklyn a great place to raise healthy children and families.”