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Snellville, GA (WGCL) — Snellville police refused to go out on a call they are calling “racially insensitive.”

A person called 911 and reported a black couple in a car with a white baby.

The anonymous caller said, “This is going to sound really bad but I really don’t care. There is a little white baby…and no one in the car was white. I know that sounds really bad but there are so many missing children.”

The department chose not to follow up on the call.

Snellville Police Capt. Greg Perry posted this on their Facebook page:

“Wanted to wait a little bit before posting this to calm down some. Our motto has always been, if you see something say something. However, there are some calls that we will not respond to. Kudos to one of our Day Watch Lieutenants for refusing to respond to a call asking us to check to see if a white baby belongs to a black couple. No other information given. This is disgusting. We are not someone’s racially insensitive investigators. Proud of our Lieutenant not involving us in this call.”

Perry said the unnamed supervisor who took the call has been there for a long time and has never refused a call before.

The supervisor said the caller was nice, but she didn’t have any information other than the couple “didn’t fit” with the child.

“It seemed over-the-top insensitive. Our community is very diverse. Absolutely, he did what I would want him to do,” said Perry.

Bethany Tingelhoff is a mother of three. She is white. Her middle son is an adopted African American. She has faced questions from people in public asking if her son belongs to her. She is glad Snellville police showed sensitivity in this case.

“That really struck a chord with me because we get that statement all the time. We get stopped and we get questioned if he is our son or not and for us to prove if he is our son.”

Tingelhoff understands it’s human nature to want to ask questions. She suggested you can do it in a way that is not rude or insensitive.

“For them to just say,’Oh this little boy is so cute, is he your son or are you baby-sitting him?’ That way the parent can give you a response back and let you know without you asking all the questions yourself and being intrusive.”

Perry suggested the public try to get some facts and check the circumstances.