Judge Jasmine Twitty (162373)
Credit: Contributed

The history-making news of a 25-year-old Black woman becoming the youngest judge ever appointed in her hometown of Easley, S.C., has gone viral, setting the Internet ablaze and making local headlines.

Pictures of Jasmine Twitty in court reciting an oath, and others of her sitting in the judge’s chamber and behind the bench in a traditional black robe as she holds court, were posted on various social media outlets, along with congratulatory support and admirations as the news spread last Monday.

Seemingly, her hard work and the years she devoted studying at the College of Charleston—where she graduated with a law degree—paid off royally. She is also a member of the group Upstate Network Young Professionals Board, in which she helps improve career development opportunities for the youth, helping to guide them into professions. The group specializes in facilitating and recognizing the development of young professionals who are active in serving their communities through social action.

Twitty is also the treasurer of the civil rights organization, the Urban League of Upstate. She has been recognized for her commitment and dedication to nurturing younger people.

Now, the 25-year-old motivated woman has established her place in American history by taking her position on the bench and officially become the youngest judge in the history of Easley, S.C. It is a feat that has also set records in many regions across the country.

Many wish her the best in her career and thank her for inspiring the next generation of movers and shakers, as well as independent women, to pursue their ambitions and dreams.