Jada Hawkins and Terrance Durant take in the sights and sounds of the Renaissance Faire. (162700)
Credit: Elinor Tatum

Only two weekends are left to experience the magic of the New York Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo, N.Y. The Faire, now in its 38th year, is a joy for young and old. Whether you are an avid Faire goer who dresses in traditional Elizabethan garb, or a mere spectator still clothed in the century at hand, the experience can be magical.

Set in the middle of Sterling Forrest, the Faire takes you back in time to the 16th century, jousts and all. Hundreds of brightly costumed performers take to the multiple stages and fill the bustling streets with laughter!

Cheer your favorite knight at the Joust Tournament. Meet Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Feast on savory sweets and tempting treats. See amazing acrobatics, magicians, jugglers, swashbuckling pirates and more. Watch a living chess match, or go on an adventure with the fairies.

Only a short time remains to experience this wonderful event. Open on weekends only through September 27th. For more information, go to http://www.renfair.com—and enjoy the Faire!