New York Fashion Week is open. Desigual’s spring-summer 2016 collection, shown at Skylight at Moynihan Station on West 33rd Street, focused on women living in the city. During the day, you are more than just one woman, so look the part. The designer’s clothes showed women ever-changing yet endlessly alluring. The collection was filled with bold, bright prints, blouses, cropped tops, dresses, column cuts and sweaters that are often worn like scarves. The look encapsulates La Ciudad Condal, BCN, the charming Mediterranean port town that’s always been home for Desigual.

This season, against the backdrop of Barcelona, a lo- cation and a state-of-mind, the designer’s look is in- spired by history. Designs are modern, innovative and artistic, even up to the interesting headpieces enhancing each outfit. Just like a woman, a city gleams in the morning and glows in the evening, with many moods in between. In the midst of his vast variety of shapesand pieces, there is always a united, cosmopolitan and authentic feeling in his clothes.

Desigual’s spring-summer collection springs from the streets of Barcelona and their inspiring women. These women electrify the streets every day with their free- spirited, bold, independent, joyful energy. It’s cool to be confident. Authenticity is the secret to fun. BCN girls embody confidence with ease and panache. Composed with three women in mind, the collection flows in waves. The footwear was extremely fashionable and comfortable in platform sandals, oxford shoes, booties or boots.

The show opened with an eccentric yet carefree casual approach to Desigual’s sporty look. Eye-popping prints are tailored leisurely and accessorized with sophisticated sneakers that sparkle on the runway.

The next concept looked sensual and eclectic. A model strutted down the runway in an oversized shirt tied over her mini-dress. Another model followed in a sweater draped over her neck like a scarf. These looks were mesmerizing. With some garments, you can hardly tell where one piece begins or ends.

The layering of vivid florals was artistic, rounding out the vision in the sophisticated intellectual, whose elongated structural silhouettes and de- tailed textures speak as confidently as her ideas.

Desigual is designed for all types of women, with their lust for life, eye for beauty and passion for self-expression. The brand combines many faces and styles of women who together are one—creative, daring, sensitive, independent, positive and free-spirited.