Spring-summer designs by student and alumni designers at the Art Institutes’ Fashion Week show. (165402)

Fashion & Beauty Editor

Twelve new and upcoming designers showed their collections during the Art Institutes’s Fashion Week presentation. From the look of their clothes, these designers are determined, hardworking and extremely talented. The designing dozen was made up of current students and recent graduates. Their designs represented their passion, vision and motivation to succeed.

The student and alumni looks were extremely artsy yet fabulous. Current Art Institutes student designer Kiki Terrels showed an “Ironclad” theme. The line was influenced by medieval armor that was mixed with modern functionality. In details, there were inserts of paisley, leather and sheet metal. A recent graduate, Rujing Lui’s collection was organic in nature. Models walked down the runway in easy silhouettes. There were moody shades of vegetable-dyed, textural fabrics that evoked a feeling of Asian simplicity .

Designer Matheus Rangel, another current student, put together Druids and gypsies to create an easy collection titled “Druiidry.” It was part loungewear, part sportswear and part exploration of androgyny for the modern man. The graduate Nathaly Meristil’s collection was driven by shapes and dimensions. “The Infinite Climb” was her theme. Softened by neoprene, her architecturally cut pieces were draped, cut, tucked and seamed to evoke feelings that were both organic and sculptural.

Japanese-inspired detailing came together in Monica Suemitsu’s line. A March 2015 graduate, she worked with textural fabrics in oversized silhouettes that gave just enough shape and interest to intrigue the audience in this collection called “Onpa.” Ebon Taylor’s crisp lines were combined with fabrications, perfectly matching her swim collection’s title, “End Game.” This current student’s collection was all about easy elegance that could effortlessly go from pool to evening.

Designer Nataliya Matkivska’s collection took the definition of classic to a new level. There were pieces with beading and flowing textiles for a retro, futuristic look. Designer Yuri Lim embodied his personality in his collection. He fused together clean and strong silhouettes with lots of sweet details. The menswear collection incorporated Japanese patchwork and colors he grew up wearing in the Philippines.

Deron Shields created an expressive and experimental look. His designs reinterpreted the classics while utilizing quality craftsmanship and whimsical silhouettes. There were layers of tulle in a myriad of shades, including white, gray and pink. The selection was a fresh sportswear look. Melissa Gonzalez was inspired by surreal and psychedelic elements. The audience enjoyed looking at clashing fabrics that were all richly textured.

Designer Eric Jernigan was inspired by spirits emerging from volcanoes. His evening wear was pure fantasy yet elegant. Making his second appearance at New York Fashion Week, designer Lavfan Chxiedze was inspired by Berlin in the 1930s and 1940s, especially the history of hardship facing the gay population during that time. His collection pushed the boundaries of menswear. He also challenged the construction of gender-appropriate clothing.

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