The Jets congratulating Ryan Fitzpatrick (169409)
Credit: Bill Moore photo

Because we here support and applaud each and every effort initiated by all those who stand for and petition for the renaming of the NFL’s franchise located in our nation’s capital in solidarity with America’s indigenous people, we’ll simply refer to that team henceforth and therewith, until such time comes, as just Washington.

Politics aside, and to Washington’s credit, they outscored the Jets 13-10 in the first half but couldn’t match their effort in the second, offensively or defensively, allowing the Jets 17 third-quarter points.

The Jets’ defense held Washington to one score until the end after making adjustments at halftime. The return of Sheldon Richardson, after his four-game suspension, was a defensive plus. He had a shared sack and three assisted tackles on his first day.

Chris Ivory ran for 146 yards, his second 100-plus game in a row behind quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, who threw two touchdown passes (to Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker) and scored a bootleg TD of his own. The Jets’ game-winning 34 points was the most they’ve scored this season.

As a team, the Jets registered zero takeaways in the first half, but posted two in the second. Their 84 first-half rushing yards increased to 140 in the second. So far this season, the 4-1 Jets have outscored their opponents 68-21 in second-half play and 34-zip in third quarters.

In regards to slow Jets starts this season, head coach Todd Bowles felt the need to reiterate after last Sunday’s game, “Like I said, every win is not going to be pretty … We’re gonna make some mistakes, but how we come back from it, how we grow as a team going forward, is what’s going to make us a decent team.”

A plausible explanation, understandable for playing one of the league’s have nots, but not the 5-0 New England Patriots, the haves, the current Super Bowl champions, on the schedule for Sunday, a Jets road game in Massachusetts.

Cornerback Darrelle Revis, who has an understanding of the Patriot system, winning a chip with them earlier this year before resigning with the Jets, and receiver Brandon Marshall, downplayed Sunday. “It’s just another game,” said Marshall. “That’s how we have to approach it.”

“We have to come out and play a lot faster in the first half,” stated Bowles, who has now lost receiver Quincy Enunwa to a four-game suspension handed down on Monday by the league regarding a domestic violence charge last season.

Enunwa, known for his superior blocking skills, cooperated with the investigation. The suspension is a negotiated settlement between the league and union, therefore, there can be no appeal. The suspension begins immediately.