Lips (169579)

When I was a kid, two things would cause me to have a big lip, and that was a punch in my mouth from a friend who disagreed with me or a torn lip from falling, causing a tooth to puncture my lower lip. When my lip would swell, I would immediately seek help from a tin box in the bathroom that contained a smelly drug called alum. Alum was a whitish, crystalline mineral salt that could reduce swelling seemingly in minutes. Just think, I was practicing medicine at a young age without medical insurance, but with assurance. Old folks knew how to take care of things and taught the young ones how to fix things without going to the doctor.

Speaking of lips, are you aware that lips can actually predict what type of person you are? Well, Naomi R. Tickle, the author of “You Can Read a Face Like a Book,” thinks so. Let me give you a few examples of her observations that have been proved over and over again. If you have a thin upper lip, it reveals that you are concise, terse and to the point. You can sum it up in a few words. A full upper lip gives you a natural ability to talk and add more interest to what is being said. In other words, you can speak at length. For you folks with a full lower lip, you are very generous with your time and money and will give before being asked. Protruding lips reveal that you act without thought.

Enough of this! Let’s get down to keeping your lips healthy.

Do you realize that the average woman ingests up to four pounds of lipstick or gloss in a lifetime? Just remember, the lipstick that you observe on your glass when you drink or around the cup after a cup of coffee is really entering your body. The average lipstick contains many synthetic colors, petrochemicals such as bismuth oxychloride, and gluten (for you gluten-sensitive women), which has never been fully tested for its toxicity.

For more information on toxic chemical-free lipsticks, call 866-630-4569 toll-free.

Lips during the winter have a tendency to dry out because of the fact that they really don’t contain glands that produce oil. In other words, lips become irritated, raw and angry and painful. They really can use some help. Often lip balm such as beeswax or Vaseline in a tube can retain moisture. If the lips become really irritated, a preparation of 0.5 percent hydrocortisone ointment will relieve this distress. This ointment is an over-the-counter medication.

Please don’t give me any of your irritated lip if you do not follow the above suggestions. I wish you healthy lips for the upcoming winter season, and when you smack something good, just don’t eat and drink too much!