NYPD Officer Randolph Holder was shot while responding to reports of a gunman in East Harlem, NY. Holder died after he was shot in the head. (168870)
Credit: NYPD

The city continues to mourn for NYPD Officer Randolph Holder, who was killed last week in East Harlem.

Family, friends, city officials and NYPD officers are gathering for Holder’s funeral being held at Greater Allen AME Cathedral in Queens. Holder is receiving a posthumous promotion to detective by Commissioner Bill Bratton.

Police officers came from across the nation to pay respects for the third generation police officer. Holder will be buried in his native Guyana.

This week, community leaders, clergy, elected officials and residents gathered at police precincts across the city in solidarity for vigils in honor of Holder.

Leaders gathered at the 32nd Precinct in Harlem to pay respects to the officer through prayer and speeches about violence in the community and guns coming into the city. They also expressed their support for the NYPD.

Among those that attended were Jackie Rowe-Adams, founder of Harlem Mothers S.A.V.E., Mid-Manhattan Branch NAACP President and Deputy Chief of Staff for Congressman Charlie Rangel, Geoffrey Easton, community activist Vernon Williams and Willie Walker, Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. State Office Building Manager/Administrator.

Farewell services for Holder began Tuesday morning with a viewing for Holder at the Greater Allen AME going on until 6 p.m.

Rev. Al Sharpton was scheduled to give the eulogy at the funeral but announced Tuesday he would not participate in the service due to what he is calling a “sideshow” among police unions.

“It is clear though after reading several articles that some union leaders and some others want to turn your and your pastor’s noble efforts into some kind of confrontation or sideshow and not keep focused on the brutal, senseless murder of your son,” he said in letter to Holder’s father. “I refuse, despite my strong feelings on police issues, to be part of anything that would marginalize and take away from the focus of this city and nation mourning your son tomorrow.”

Sharpton’s organization, the National Action Network, donated $5,000 to Holder’s family and offered to meet with them upon their return to Guyana.

Meanwhile, the suspect accused of killing Holder, Tyrone Howard, remains in jail after being indicted on murder charges. Scuba divers found the .40 caliber Glock handgun used in the shooting in the Harlem River. Tests confirmed it was the gun used that killed Holder. The weapon was traced back to South Carolina where it was purchased.