Spring-summer designs by Outkast People and Fall-Winter 2016-2017 group sketch from Caroline Cecil Textiles (173173)

For spring/summer 2016, Outkast People created a collection for the underground, hip generation. These designers were inspired by music, art, history and cultures. Going from one extreme to another, there are clothes that fit tightly, very loose or both in the same ensemble. Cuts are short. Colors are bold.

Based in Istanbul, the Outkast People brand was built up by designer Emre Aktuna last year in the U.K. After moving to London, both she and her designer intern, Christopher Beatles, were chosen to display their “paper dress” for the Designer Pages exhibition in Wonderland Magazine. Basically, Outkast People is an urban fashion brand that designs women’s and men’s ready-to-wear clothes. The company aims to question the contemporary wardrobe. On the runway, their styles represented the raw energy and modern urban edge. Garments offered multiple expressions of identity. There were contrasting elements of androgyny, with dress codes across cultural and historical spheres.

According to Carol Cecil Textile Reports, there are five mega fall/winter 2016/2017 trends to inspire you while you are putting your new wardrobes together. For women, the big market trends range from Royal Redux, Pop Positive, to Earth Form and Maker Mood. Each category tells a story about seasonal direction, color palettes and ready-to-wear silhouettes.

The Maker Mood celebrates artists with a simple lifestyle. Here’s where your looks are in progress. Clothes are often free flowing, dip dyed and vintage styled. Royal Redux brings out the opulent clothes in your closet. The look is confident and defiant. You may also have to add these pieces to your wardrobe. However, there is a futuristic twist on glorious jacquard patterns, armor-like silhouettes and tribal, ceremonial prints and patterns.

The Earth Form Fashions are all about the elements of nature, and their styles are strong and dramatic. In this segment, the mood is serious. Inspiration for these types of looks come from the water, sky, earth and mountains. Pop Positive is all about bright colors, bold patterns and good health and wellness benefits. Abstract prints of the ’80s are in play. Think preppy plaids, flamboyant prints. The mood is mischievous and optimistic.