Black police officer Mark Hunsinger recently filed suit against Medford Township Police Department and the township of Medford, N.J. He is the only Black officer on the force in Medford.

An officer with the Medford Police Department since 1999, Hunsinger claims that throughout his tenure he has been subjected to continual racial discrimination, a hostile work environment, retaliation and differential treatment. Hunsinger claims he was forced to endure years of disparate treatment compared with his white colleagues, continual and systematic denials for promotions and training and subjected to various acts of racism within the department.

According to the suit, Hunsinger was repeatedly passed over for promotions and requested positions he qualified for, including a spot on the SWAT team, and was denied training after making over 50 requests. He also claims that his supervisor used racial slurs and passed around offensive material about African-Americans and other racial groups.

At a press conference held Monday, Walter Hudson of the National Awareness Alliance, along with Hunsinger’s attorney, Doug Long, and NAACP New Jersey State President Richard Smith, announced that a letter was sent to Medford Mayor Charles Watson.

“What Mr. Hunsinger continues to endure, no human being should bear the brunt of racism,” said Hudson. “NAA will stand with officer Hunsinger and support him. The leadership of Medford should be ashamed of themselves.”

The Medford Police Department and city officials have declined to comment on the lawsuit.