Spring-summer 2016 designs by Dalia Alleyne (178585)

Make a splash in something colorful! At Let’s Paint, designed by Delia Alleyne, the spring-summer 2016 collection offers contrasting colors against black silhouettes. She introduced a comfortable line of rompers, jackets, funky trousers and the classic little black dress. The look was splashy, bold and filled with retro art. It was all very reminiscent of the psychedelic 1960s.

“Painting is like a metaphor for life,” explained Alleyne. “We are born as blank canvases waiting to be. Then, moment by moment, stroke by stroke, we create life’s memories by applying one colorful moment in our life at a time.”

In this collection, her fabrics range from nets to denim. There were beautiful brocaded pieces and appliques added in the intricate details.

As shown in her distinguished pink hairstyle, Alleyne has a passion for colorful fashions. Residing in Trinidad and Tobago, she creates a collection that is tailored for the confident woman. Her personal clients include top celebrities, and many of her designs are worn on the red carpet. Alleyne’s collection was inspired by many crafty artists who surround her in the Caribbean. After her tenure at Trinidad’s Caribbean Academy of Fashion and Design, she began her career as a designer for beauty pageants, bringing an avante-garde genre of fashion design into ready-to-wear. She wants the Let’s Paint collection to become a luxury brand that’s recognized throughout the world.