Beyonce in a Damnsel creation and fall/winter collection by Damnsel and (179306)
Credit: Instagram

Damnsel made their debut at New York Fashion Week with a luxury handbag collection by designer Rachel Feinberg. Her line received immediate worldwide media attention. Her clothes are also worn by several A-list celebrities, including Beyonce and other socialites.

Shortly after the success of her handbag line, Feinberg teamed up with co-designer Breanne Harrison Pollock. Together, they created the “Peopleswear” brand, a unisex couture collection meant to foster discussion about the policing of sexuality, gender norms, society and how the solid boundaries that used to define clothes for men and women are becoming more fluid. Details included pleats and clean-cut tailored silhouettes.

Peopleswear’s fall-winter 2016 collection is outstanding. Their designer continues to allow the company’s clients to take risks, be different and create a fashion statement. These clothes embody the parallels of high fashion and mind-provoking intentions. Damnsel will debut and launch Peopleswear fall-winter 2016 in February at New York Fashion Week. This line is highly anticipated and exclusive, and will surely show off more beautiful clothing.

For fall-winter, LaMarque released a new 2016 resort line that’s timely for the upcoming cold weather months. Their gorgeous leather line features smartly shaped suede fringe jackets, suede lace-up tunics, 1970s-inspired pants and long tapered suede vests. These pieces are perfect for your layered looks this season. Feminine frocks are accented with laser-cut details and beading in a variety of soft winter hues. And these pieces make nice gifts, too!

There is a new app called Fadstir that gives you direct suggestions on how to match your clothes. It was launched Nov. 28, and the founders have been working feverishly for the past year to bring it to you in time for your holiday fashion dressing questions. The app offers a unique service to individuals who are on the go but want to dress well.

So if you want to know what type of pants go with your new jacket, type it in and Fadstir will tell you. Just like Yelp, it gets answers by aggregating data from users who are rating other users’ outfits within their app. It’s a practical, quick way to get direct answers to fashion questions.