By the time Brooklyn native Sharra Dade’s day ends, it is 12 a.m. Four hours later, she is up and ready to continue being a successful entrepreneur in PR and marketing, a real estate agent and a producer for Twelve18 Media—a Black-owned production company. Sandwiched in between that, she is writing a book and is the co-creator and writer for the blog LiveLifeLoveGood.

She attributed the opportunities in her life to not allowing fear to hold her back from saying yes to new challenges.

“I show up because that’s all I know how to do. Most of my success has been because of showing up, and I figure out the rest along the way,” said Dade. “You have to be in the game in order to play.”

Everything she does has allowed her to have a creative outlet. From as far back as she can remember, Dade has done her own thing. She always had a creative spirit. Her mom often reminisces and tells her that she’s marched to her own drum for forever. In her mid-20s, it became obvious that she couldn’t—or wouldn’t—spend her days in a stuffy office, eagerly watching the clock and hating her boss.

“By the time I was 25, I realized that corporate America wasn’t for me. I felt stifled. I felt like I couldn’t be who I was. I felt stuck,” said Dade. “I didn’t want a job description telling me what I can and cannot do, how much I can and cannot work, and it’s been a journey. I’m still learning every day.”

Sometimes people have questioned how her time spent showing property and meeting with prospective buyers and renters has a place in it all. But for Dade, it was an obvious fit. She said getting her clients to see her vision in a space that they may not have even considered has allowed her to have creative license.

“When you’re a creative, you create. That’s one thing, and creativity doesn’t end in one direction,” said Dade.

What is perfectly clear to others is that all her work has benefited the public in some way. She created LiveLifeLoveGood with her friend to have an outlet to give life hacks and advice. Her work with Twelve18 Media is producing one of the most anticipated reality web series of the season about the lives of three of the most influential natural hair YouTubers. Her book, which she wants to release by her 36th birthday this May, will be filled with life lessons on learning how to grow from obstacles instead of allowing them to destroy you.

What started out as one of the most frightening hurdles in her life ended up being the most rewarding and important part of her life: motherhood. Dade has a 6-year-old daughter, Alyssa, who has mom’s creative gene and is a child actress. When Dade found out that she was pregnant, she was scared. Her PR firm was in its early stages, and she was a Black unwed woman about to be a mother. She was weary about adding to the stereotype.

Once she became a mother, her priorities changed. As a person who valued meaningful relationships, Dade said that the one she wanted to build with her child had to be rooted in her being a physically and emotionally present mother. Her career goals couldn’t overshadow her child, so she gave up the constant traveling and the growing list of clients.

“I actually had to stop and recreate my entire life when I had my daughter. I had to find my truth and my authenticity in what I wanted to do and still be a mother,” said Dade.

There were times when she had to borrow money from friends to make ends meet after her daughter was born. For this young, independent woman, who at one point believed—like many of us—that success was dependent on how much money she had in the bank, it was a humbling experience. Now she counts success in different ways and encourages us to do the same. Each day, you should make a list of things that you want to accomplish for the day, she said, and as each task is completed, count it as a success.

“It may not be the journey you expected to take to get there, but if you have the same goal, understanding that you may have to change the journey to get there will allow you to reach that goal,” said Dade.

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