As the Obama administration ramped up immigration raids across the country, rounding up Central American immigrants who have failed to qualify for asylum, the president used his final State of the Union to skip his usual immigration reform push altogether.

As a Dreamer (a young undocumented immigrant hoping for immigration reform) sat in the audience, a guest of the White House, President Barack Obama used his final official speech to Congress as president to dedicate only a single fragment to the hot-button issue as he called for “fixing a broken immigration system.”

That was it. Nothing else, nada! No calls to Congress to get immigration reform back on the table this year, no vision plan to help those hardworking immigrants who have been living in the country without legal working papers for years while paying taxes, no call to action to work on a plan to boost border security agents or create a path to legalization.

It was as if the president had simply given up on the issue that helped him get elected and chose instead to kick the can down the road to the next president—hopefully another of his Democratic colleague.

Contrast this with Obama’s very first State of the Union, fresh off the wins of the votes of millions of immigrants across the country, he dedicated seven sentences to the issue. Here are the president’s words from that historic day: “And we should continue the work of fixing our broken immigration system, to secure our borders and enforce our laws, and ensure that everyone who plays by the rules can contribute to our economy and enrich our nations. In the end, it’s our ideals, our values that built America—values that allowed us to forge a nation made up of immigrants from every corner of the globe, values that drive our citizens still.

“Every day, Americans meet their responsibilities to their families and their employers. Time and again, they lend a hand to their neighbors and give back to their country. They take pride in their labor and are generous in spirit. These aren’t Republican values or Democratic values that they’re living by, business values or labor values. They’re American values.”

In 2016, Mr. President, these are still American value in case you forgot.

So much for “change” and the “dream we can believe in!”

The writer is CMO of Hard Beat Communications, which owns the brands News Americas Now, CaribPR Wire and Invest Caribbean Now.