Water from Upper Manhattan (184184)
Credit: Office of City Council Member Mark Levine

Residents across Upper Manhattan say they experienced brown water flowing through their taps. This was due to maintenance performed by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Washington Heights, which impacted homes north of 155th Street at a time when people were preparing for the winter storm.

According to City Council Member Mark Levine, DEP has flushed the water system and removed the brown sediment that caused discolored tap water. DEP advises that the water is safe.

“No one wanted to drink or bathe in the water–including myself,” he said. “This situation caused an undeniable hardship for many residents who found themselves scouring depleted store shelves in search of fresh water. The shock of brown water coming out of the tap raised understandable alarms with the backdrop of the tragic and shameful events in Flint, Michigan weighing on people’s minds.”

Levine said that the water is now safe and that his office will continue to monitor the situation.

“What is also undeniable is that New York City has one of the safest water supply systems of any big city in the country. Our city’s stringent testing protocols are known for their rigor and transparency. And anyone who is concerned about the safety of their tap water can request a free lead testing kit,” he said.

Residents who notice any issues with your tap water, should to report it to 311 or contact Levine’s office directly at 212-928-6814.