Amsterdam News Editor

“We got one!” happy pro-Beyonce halftime Super Bowl show protestor Mary Prior yelled when she spotted one anti-Beyonce protestor at the rally they called Monday morning outside NFL headquarters.

Young protestors, some straight out of Beyonce’s fanning Bey Hive, assembled in the drizzling rain Tuesday morning, Feb. 16 to counter an anti-Beyonce Super Bowl pro-Black Panther halftime show rally.

But despite the media hype, only two white anti-Beyonce show protestors showed up.

“I am here to protest the anti-Beyonce protest,” counter-demonstrator Danielle Beckom told the Amsterdam News. “We have a platform, and you should be able to express yourself, and the fact that Beyonce is expressing something positive, there’s no way that should be any platform against it.”

The Amsterdam News asked one of the anti-Bey protestors what exactly was he protesting against. “Well I didn’t actually see the show,” he replied.

“Then why are you here and what exactly are you demonstrating against?” the Amsterdam News repeated.

“Everything they showed on the news,” he answered, prompting a counter-demonstrator to yell, “But you didn’t see it! Why are you here?”

The man, who said his name was Tim, seemed very excited by the huge media huddle suddenly gathered around him. He remarked that he didn’t expect all the attention.

“I didn’t find anything offensive,” he said as the mainstream media thrust mikes and cameras in his face. “I just feel that this is a sports game. If you want to do something with politics, you don’t have to do it on the football field.”

Sadiki “Bro. Shep” Ojore Olugbala, a NYS Chapter of the Black Panther Party veteran told the Amsterdam News, “Tuesday’s PBA police-union-promoted anti-Beyonce rally totally shut down by a combination of pro-Beyonce protesters, pro-Black self-determination activists, veteran Panthers’ ‘Operation: Trojan Horse’ and rain water from the African ancestors.”

Olugbala noted that all during the week “prior to the anti-Beyonce rally, activists were encouraged to secure tickets, and when it became apparent that ‘Operation: Trojan Horse’ had successfully infiltrated the ‘Proud of the Blue’ rally with ticket-holding Black activists, the PBA police supporters failed to show up.”

Surrounded by pro-Beyonce and pro-Black self-determination activists, anti-Beyonce protester and Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz supporter Ariel Kohane was one of the three “Lonely Only” NYPD supporters who showed up for the much publicized PBA-organized “Proud of the Blue” protest rally.

This non-event came in the wake of conscious rapper Kendrick Lamar’s presentation of a strong Black-people-struggle-in-America show at Sunday’s Grammys that went back-to-back with Beyonce’s Black Power tribute the week before. His “The Blacker the Berry” visuals and lyrics had critics and fans alike aghast with overwhelming praise.

At Tuesday’s Midtown Manhattan rally, Janet Holils called the anti-Beyonce rhetoric “stupidity.” She said, “I’m proud to see the young ladies come out, and the young men to support Beyonce, and the Blackness, because I think the protest is more anti-Blackness than anti-Beyonce. And Kendrick’s statement was awesome. It was Black, it was a great follow-up to Beyonce.”

Later in the afternoon, several veteran members of the “original” Black Panther Party, along with supporters of “U.S.-held political prisoners,” gathered at an NYPD-surrounded St. Patrick’s Cathedral for the “Freedom Fighters Contingent” press conference rally against the right wing attacks on the Black Panther legacy, which was followed by a spirited protest march to join the pro-Beyonce rally at NFL headquarters, and with the exception of the NYPD police officers who were assigned to cover the area, absolutely none of the “Proud of the Blue” organizers were to be found.