Fall-winter fashion design by Desigual (188593)

Cold temperatures helped keep fashion folks moving quickly from show to show all over New York City this week. For a change, the clothes are coordinated with the weather: It’s also fall-winter on the runways. Designers are on view and the fashions are incredible, functional and wearable.

Security at the shows is tight. Technology is stepped up for access. The fashions are worth the crowded venues, traveling through the cold temps and the long wait on lines. You must be creative, though. Layering up in this cold is absolutely necessary. The look is to be warm and to dress for the weather.

On the runways, silhouettes are often bigger, longer, yet feminine with masculine influences. There are tight-fitting pieces, especially on top of soft, flare skirts and pants. There are plenty of prints, patterns, colorful styles and mixed messages, especially in prints and fabrics.

At Desigual’s Thursday afternoon show, presented inside the Moynihan Station venue on West 33rd Street (located behind the U.S. Post Office), their theme is “The Metropolis.” The looks range from ancient times to the 21st century. The concept is all about meeting people in different places from all over the world and cultures coming together to share and experience their own stories. In many places around the world—such as Samarkand, the capital of the silk route; Alexandria, the capital of knowledge; Constantinople, now known as Istanbul—things come together. It’s where Asia and the West come together. Here, the fashion borders are blurred.

For fall-winter 2016, Desigual focuses on the vibrancy of city life. The collection’s aesthetic is a cultural collage, where technology, trends and global culture are now one. A black and white hooded cloak flows down the runway. The total oversized cover-up was royal style at its best. Pretty sweater tunics in every soft knit fabric configuration topped pants and soft skirts.

Everyday is an opportunity to express yourself and wear a fashionable outfit with an attitude. Think about the city and its hustle and bustle as your backdrop. With all of the new technologies, new trends and new lifestyles, there are more projected fashion looks appearing across the planet. Cities serve as hubs for information and portals to a common global culture. Fashion has become an ambassador. It’s a visual clue to our collective consciousness. Desigual designs for the women who compose the style of the city streets.