Fall-winter 2016 designs by Kye (189610)
Credit: Contributed

Kye kicked off New York Fashion Week with a fine collection that focused on unconventional silhouettes at the Gallery at Skylight Clarkson Square downtown. There was a mixture of bold, contrasting color blocking and mix-matched styling. The collection was heavily influenced by a variety of retro, unisex streetwear from different periods.

“Nowadays, zombies are a metaphor for people who are lacking human fundamentals and only filled with desire and instincts,” commented Kathleen Kye, designer of the line. She finds herself living a hectic life lately, often fearing that she will turn into one of the zombies. In this collection, Kye goes back to the basics.

They presented different types of color palettes, a mixture of textures and fabrics with interesting details. It’s nice to see ribbing again in knits, silk prints and embroidery. An image parodying Iron Maiden’s Eddie was used as an homage throughput the show. Colors included royal blue, electric lime, olive and red. Plaid and other colors are used effectively throughout the collection. Materials shown included faux fur, velvet, corduroy and jersey knits.

Designer Kathleen Hanhee Key holds a Bachelor of Arts and master’s degrees from London’s Saint Martins. Her collection premiered in the 2011 season of London’s fashion week. This show was very impressive.