(L-R) Mayor Bill de Blasio, Congressman Charles Rangel, Former NY Senator and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Governor Andrew Cuomo, (188396)

In a joint statement, over 20 unions have put their eggs in Hillary Clinton’s basket.

The letter, signed off by unions such as the American Federation of Teachers, the Service Employees International Union, the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, the International Longshoremen’s Association and the American Federation of Government Employees, states that the “stakes are too high” to mess around with an endorsement, and that’s why they’re putting their weight behind Hillary.

“In a time of growing inequality, many working people no longer believe they can achieve the American dream of shared prosperity and a brighter future for their children,” reads the statement. “Secretary Clinton has proven herself as the fighter and champion working people and their families need in the White House to restore that opportunity.”

“Secretary Clinton has detailed, progressive plans to create good jobs; advance workers’ rights to a fair wage, a union and collective bargaining; rebuild our economy and our infrastructure; expand access to educational opportunity; advance racial justice; rein in Wall Street; fix our broken immigration system; improve and expand access to health care; keep America safe from our enemies; invest in good jobs in the energy sector; combat climate change; and tear down other barriers that keep everyday Americans from achieving their dreams,” continued the statement.

Coming off a recent victory in the Nevada caucus, Clinton’s looking to secure the Democratic nomination for president while fending off a huge push from U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders. In the letter, the unions outline their plan of action to help Clinton win the nomination.

“Our unions are already working together to mobilize members and build an infrastructure to elect Secretary Clinton and our allies up and down the ballot,” the statement read. “We will continue to fight for the candidates who will be our true champions. In the presidential contest, that candidate is Secretary Clinton.”

But if the Working Families Party has their way, Sanders will find his way to the nomination. After the results of the Nevada caucus were revealed, Working Families Party Director Dan Cantor released a statement.

“Every week, people hear more about Bernie Sanders, and the more they hear, the more they like him,” said Cantor. “That’s because Sanders’ campaign is not about one unlikely candidate, but about all of us who believe that we must rise to the challenges of our times, from economic inequality to structural racism to climate change. We won’t shy away.”