Seinor director of Interactive for Tribeca Film Institute Opeyemi Olukemi. (198974)

There are four more days left to enjoy the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival, which, after 15 years, is still shaping and re-shaping itself and celebrating the power of the storyteller.

The methods of storytelling now involve the interactive and virtual reality, and the value of understanding how to use these tools is as necessary as—wait for it—learning the basic three-act structure of storytelling. Yes. Yes. Yes. It’s that necessary.

People, dear storytellers, don’t be afraid. Instead be excited and as giddy as a 5-year-old left unattended in a fancy candy store.

As a guide to the joys of the new playground, we suggest that you research Tribeca Film Festival and the name Opeyemi Olukemi.

Born in Nigeria, Olukemi, who we’ve nicknamed “the door,” is the senior director of Interactive for Tribeca Film Institute.

Some of the key events of the festival included TFI Interactive, a daylong immersion into the world of digital storytelling, and TFI Interactive Playground, an arena showcasing immersive technologies.

Still on the boards are Tribeca Sandbox, an interactive resource report, and Tribeca Hacks, a creative prototype-focused incubator.

To experience this new mode of storytelling, check out the Virtual Arcade. The price of the ticket includes access to all Virtual Arcade programs on the date and at time of your choosing.

One not to be missed is “Kanju,” created by Stephanie Riggs/Azimyth Creation Studios, along with The Nantucket Project and Harbers Studios.

“Kanju” is described as a “journey across Africa in search of Kanju, creativity born of struggle. Visit a floating school rising from the slums of Makoko. Witness President Obama’s historic speech in Nairobi from the press pit. This uplifting, immersive documentary seamlessly layers traditional narrative techniques and 360-degrees live action. Feel the power of storytelling merged with technology and rediscover Africa as the bright continent.”

To learn more about Olukemi and how you can benefit from new technology and opportunities, check out what she actually does for a living at