You remember Rolonda Watts, the TV journalist who used to anchor the evening news and then became an actress? She also works as a voiceover artist and comedian. Now Watts makes her debut as a novelist as the author of “Destiny Lingers,” the story of a young Black, married woman, Destiny, who juggles life between work and home. Watts appeared at Barnes & Noble on the Upper West Side April 26, and she will attend the NAACP’s Hempstead Branch Luncheon April 30.

Watts tells a compelling story that draws readers in from the very beginning in a real page-turner. When you stop to think about all that could happen in a marriage today, it really never dawns on you that your husband could possibly cheat on you with your best girlfriend. What nerve! Watts tells all the details, entertaining readers with a salacious sass that is sometimes comical in its delivery. Many women who juggle both a career and home life often get caught up with on-the-job politics while things at home get put on the back burner. Watts grips her readers with all the gossip from a group of friends. She describes the tension that exists between the Destiny and her husband, the annoying in-laws and Destiny’s busy workplace. Destiny often fears for her job because of her tough boss; competitiveness in the office, and just working hard, can wear you out. Watts shows you how difficult it can be to build your career in a marriage that is not as together as you think. What’s a girl to do? Folks young and old can use this new novel, especially for the summer. It is a must-read.

“Destiny Lingers” received one of the late Maya Angelou’s final endorsements: “I fell for this story and the characters novelist Rolonda Watts introduced. I was not happy to finish the book. In fact, I satisfied myself reaching the end by thinking that Ms. Watts will write a sequel soon and very soon. She is a good writer and a good storyteller. Come on Ms. Watts, let the story continue.”

An Emmy and Cable Acts award-nominated journalist, Watts has hosted radio and TV shows. You can see her now on “Dr. Drew” on HLN. You can also listen to her as Professor Wiseman on “Curious George,” as the announcer for “Divorce Court” and as warrior princess Illaoi in the latest League of Legends video game. On the Bounce TV series “In the Cut,” she will have a recurring role in 2016. Watts holds degrees from Spelman College, a master’s degree from Columbia University and honorary doctorate from Winston Salem State University. Presently, Watts lives in Los Angeles.