Walmart (51144)

Walmart is in the news again regarding its labor practices.

Last week, a campaign run by the United Food and Commercial Workers brought to light the new complaint made to the National Labor Relations Board’s general counsel. The complaint accuses Walmart of engaging in unfair labor practices, including not permitting a worker to have a coworker accompany them to a disciplinary “open door” meeting.

“Walmart workers have every right to ask for a better life and to speak out against unfair treatment,” said Randy Parraz, campaign director for the Making Change at Walmart campaign. “Sadly, Walmart chooses to ignore these democratic rights and the rights of its workers to change Walmart for the better. As this complaint shows, the NLRB’s general counsel agrees. This complaint reinforces the UFCW’s long-standing fight to improve the lives of Walmart workers and their families. Now more than ever, Walmart must change.”

UFCW/MCAW’s complaint also alleges that Walmart unlawfully maintains a policy that “treats absences for participation in protected strikes as unexcused absences,” which has resulted in the firing or disciplining of more than 20 employees. The complaint also accuses Walmart of retaliating against workers who went on strike. Walmart management is also alleged to have retaliated against workers by giving them more rigorous assignments, prohibiting employees from wearing labor-related insignia, denying workers off-duty access to their stores and firing workers for petitioning Walmart about sick leave.

The complaint names workers in California, Oregon, Minnesota, Illinois, Louisiana, Florida, Arizona, Wisconsin and New Mexico.

“The American people will not tolerate these tactics,” said Parraz. “Every Walmart worker, from one coast of the country to the other, must never be afraid of striking, showing support for unions or asking to have a coworker present at a disciplinary meeting. The law is on the workers’ side, and we at the UFCW and MCAW are, too.

“Make no mistake, unless Walmart truly changes, our fight to improve the lives of these great workers will only grow in the coming months and years,” concluded Parraz.