Lin-Manuel Miranda is an uptown boy and very proud of it. We can lay claim (by our zip code, to a degree) to the genius that is Miranda, the lyricist, composer, creator and star of “Hamilton.”

The groundbreaking Miranda is now an author, with the recent release of “Hamilton: The Revolution,” which he co-wrote with Jeremy McCarter.

The 287-page book contains the complete libretto of the award-winning musical and a “true account of its creation, and concise remarks on hip-hop, the power of stories and the new America.”

It’s published by Grand Central Publishing and priced at $43. The book is sold out at most stores and has a waiting list on Amazon.

This reporter is a stone’s throw away from the Hamilton House (where the book is on back order) and shared that detail with Miranda during his recent book signing.

“Then, I will see you in the ‘hood,’” joked Miranda.

Unless you’ve been under a rock, the break-all-the-rules, hip-hop infused musical about the life of United States of America founding father Alexander Hamilton has been a magnet for awards, including the Pulitzer Prize for a musical.

The germ of the idea began in 2008, and the book follows the hard work and the ups-and-downs of the now historic journey.

What the book really highlights is the amount of focus and faith that is needed to achieve your goals. Clearly becoming friends with the Obamas is a bonus, but that’s not what led to 16 Tony nominations and an unexpected nod to Miranda, not a strong singer, for Best Lead Actor in a Musical.

The success of “Hamilton” is a demonstration of faith and, for storytellers, a source of inspiration.

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