Sian Morson, Founder and CEO of Cast Beauty (203286)

With the age of technology moving so fast, keeping up with all the new beauty apps can get hectic. (But don’t let it. Just keep reading AmNews Trends.) The Cast Beauty app is a new beauty platform that uses weather data to bring users personalized hair and skin beauty advice and recommendations based on individual profiles. With it, you will have access to beauty products that are selected just for you, which you can purchase through Amazon.

As you already know, the weather affects everything. The condition of your hair and skin are affected by the atmosphere, sun, rain, cold, heat, humidity and wind. Cast Beauty is the only app that uses weather data to give you excellent ideas on how to care for your hair and skin, along with product recommendations.

Here’s how it works. Cast Beauty will collect information about your profile. It asks you to fill out a short questionnaire about your hair and skin regimen. The app will also ask for your location (you can add up to four different ones) and will pair your various hair and skin types with your location’s weather pattern. Then, it will suggest the best hair and skin care products that you can purchase through Amazon. It will also give you beauty tips.

“Every woman’s skin and hair is as unique as she is,” said Sian A. Morson, founder and CEO of Cast Beauty. Morson is also the author of her first book, “Learn Design for iOS.” Her story is also featured in another book, “Innovating Women,” penned by Vivek Wadwha and Ferai Chedaya, a collection of interesting essays about women in technology.

She received L’Oreal’s Next Generation Award for Cast Beauty. This award was presented to three female-founded companies that created innovative business solutions that would transform the beauty industry.

Morson is pretty experienced working with tech start-ups. She founded Kollective Mobile in 2010 to help other businesses and start-ups with mobile development and strategy. Kollective Mobile works primarily with start-ups and agencies to develop and deliver compelling mobile experiences. Presently, Morson oversees business development and operations for the company.

Cast Beauty is available for Android and iPhone.