Global Running Day Make the Pledge (204878)
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More than two million people from more than 165 countries pledged to run on Global Running Day June 1. From New York to New Zealand, running events and activities took place across the country and around the world. The first-ever Million Kid Run that aims to get young people moving saw kids worldwide come together to celebrate the power and benefits of running and fitness, alongside adult runners of all ages and abilities.

Runners of all ages and abilities pledged to run and added their names to the list of millions of runners from all over the world who came together to celebrate the sport. Groups and individuals, kids and adults, able-bodied runners and athletes with disabilities all pledged to be a part of Global Running Day.

From kids’ and family runs in New York, Monaco and Belarus, to a midnight run in Atlanta, sunrise run in Rome and evening run in Tokyo, to relay races in Berlin and a 5K fun run in L.A., hundreds of events happened around the globe in celebration of Global Running Day and the Million Kid Run.

There are more than 100 global supporters of Global Running Day, and many of the top professional runners from around the world are championing the day, including Paula Radcliffe,Molly Huddle, Des Linden, Nick Symmonds, Haile Gebrselassie and Kurt Fearnley, helping to share their passion for the sport with the global running community.Running organizations and groups, individuals, school administrators, coaches and parents can visit to explore group runs and other events around the world, and find information on running activities for all abilities for adults and youth. They can also connect with Global Running Day socially via #GlobalRunningDay.

“Global Running Day and the Million Kid Run provide a platform for us to inspire our local and global running community alike, parallel with New York Road Runners’ mission to help and inspire people through running,” said Michael Capiraso, New York Road Runners president and CEO. “We’re especially proud to support the Million Kid Run with 2,000 of our youth runners at the Mighty Milers Fun Run at renowned Icahn Stadium.”

“While running is certainly a sport, athletic clubs and race organizations such as ours also promote and recognize the recreational activity and benefits of running,” said Tom Grilk, Boston Athletic Association executive director and leader of the Boston Marathon. “We know well the important contribution that running, jogging walking and any physical movement make towards health and fitness. Whether in groups or as individually, we’ve witnessed the strength borne out in running. And on top of all of that, most of all it can be fun, especially when we get out with friends.”

“The future of running, both as a sport and industry, is truly global in scale,” said Rich Harshbarger, Running USA CEO. “Global Running Day is a wonderful opportunity to bring the world together around such a vibrant and healthy activity, inspiring a new generation of runners.”

“Tokyo Marathon is delighted to be a part of this global event, and we hope all of our Tokyo Marathon family, Japanese runners and runners from all over the world feel the joy of running on the first-ever Global Running Day!” declared Tad Hayano, Tokyo Marathon race director.

“Our mission and what we are passionate about is creating a healthy Atlanta through running and walking,” said Rich Kenah, Atlanta Track Club executive director. “Global Running Day is a chance for us to celebrate and share that mission with millions of other runners around the world.”

“This is a great initiative to have runners from all over the world unified for such a special day,” explained Mark Milde, race director of the BMW Berlin-Marathon. “We are excited to be integrating the Million Kid Run into our Global Running Day relay event.”

“Running has brought me so much pleasure over the years and taught me so much about myself and others, and about how to live life to the fullest and get the best out of myself,” said Paula Radcliffe, women’s world record holder in the marathon. “I am passionate about sharing the joy and liberty of running with as many children as possible so that they, too, can experience the camaraderie and fun. I hope that Global Running Day will be a huge success in introducing running to as many children as possible all around the world.”

“Running is such a simple and fun way to build fitness and explore new places at the same time,” said Nick Willis, Olympic silver medalist and New Zealand record holder in the 1500 meters. “Finding and exploring new trails is my favorite part about running. The fitter you get, the further you can explore. Running is also the ultimate way to test your physical and mental stamina. What is considered punishment for athletes in other sports, we runners choose to do for our own gain.”

Global Running Day, held annually on the first Wednesday in June, is a day for people around the world to celebrate the joys of running. It is a worldwide celebration of the sport and a way for runners of all ages and abilities to share their passion for running and inspire others to get moving. The Million Kid Run on Global Running Day aims to get young people moving. The goal is to have a million kids around the world pledge to run on June 1. The Million Kid Run is about making fitness fun, and inspiring kids to embrace running as a way to get healthy and fit. Global Running Day is a collaborative effort of the most prominent running organizations around the world, with many of the top professional runners helping to share their passion for the sport with the global running community.