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Designer Agnese Narnicka’s brand, One Wolf, founded in 2010, offers high-fashioned street clothes for men. It’s a 2016 unisex, ready-to-wear collection that blends functional fashions with wit and intelligence. The look is contemporary, yet urban.

Silhouettes are an intrinsic element of the brand, and you will also find some fashion conventions that are broken as far as gender is concerned. Her clothing concepts mix up opposing details and contrary styles of classical, casual and sporty garments. Materials are innovative and durable. There are a variety of finishing techniques in her details. In the collection, you’ll find lots of character, textures and tonality of a modern man, living in the city.

Each of her collections tells a new story. She allows men who wear her clothes to be bold and to express themselves. “Even while living in a pack, a wolf maintains his independence and character,” said Narnicka. “And so do the wearers of One Wolf.”

For footwear news, Ports 1961 offers a signature men’s Bow Sneaker. It’s a true highlight in their 2017 Menswear collection. This signature sneaker features distinctive suede bows on top instead of laces or more predictable fasteners.

Each pair of Bow Sneakers is a raw cut that’s hand-stitched and hand-knotted to be uniquely distinctive to the wearer. In addition to bow fasteners, the sneakers can be opened and closed with a central zipper on the heel for the convenience and ease of wearing.

The sneakers are available in fabrics and shades to match the season’s garments in classic raw cut suede and leather. For comfort and durability, they also feature hardy rubber soles.

At Williamsburg Garment Co. in Brooklyn, there’s a new raw denim guide that answers questions about how to break in raw jeans. How much does raw denim stretch? To get the answer, they took measurements from a customer’s jeans after they had been worn for approximately two months, and then compared the measurements to the original measurements of jeans from the same production.

They found that the waistband grew half an inch, the hips grew one and a quarter inches, the front rise grew half an inch, the thigh grew half an inch, the knee grew a quarter of an inch, the leg opening grew one-eighth of an inch and the inseam grew a quarter of an inch. These results were amazing. In the ’60s, folks just wore their jeans for weeks, even months, without washing them. It was the best way to break them in. After intense wearing, jeans were softer, and they simply stretched to a form that fit your body perfectly. Back then, it was all about your denim jeans, and you wore them everywhere with everything.