It’s official.

In their final vote, the Washington, D.C. City Council approved Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Fair Shot Minimum Wage bill that raises wages for 127,000 workers to $15 an hour.

“Today is victory for D.C. working families in the fight to secure a living wage,” said Delvone Michael, executive director of D.C. Working Families and co-chair of DC for $15, in a statement. “This represents a huge step forward for the people who live and work in D.C., especially women and people of color, who are all too often marginalized in our economy.

“Raising wages for families struggling to make ends meet is critical to making sure that our economy works for all of us, not just the rich and powerful,” continued Michael. “We can’t stop there, which is why we must fight for a broad agenda that advances the interests of families, including paid family leave and fair scheduling.”

In 2013, the D.C. City Council raised the minimum wage to $11.50 an hour but came up short of requiring the area’s bigger retailers to pay a higher $12.50 per hour wage. That’s where advocates, DC for $15 and DC Working Families came in looking to up the ante.

“Since day one, my administration has been fighting to give every Washingtonian a fair shot,” said Bowser in a statement last week announcing progress with the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington over the bill. “These are good days for the District. Unemployment is down by a full percent since January 2015, and 20,000 jobs have been added during that same time. However, the tremendous prosperity in our city does not reach every Washingtonian. There are D.C, families working day in and day out, sometimes in two or three jobs, but barely making ends meet.”

Last month, the AmNews reported on a study by the Economic Policy Institute that stated if phased in by 2020, D.C.’s $15 an hour proposal would give 114,000 workers a pay raise, and the majority of the people affected by the increase would be women and workers of color.