Marcus Garvey (156202)

Saturday, Aug. 6, the Choice Campaign is a march and rally being held in celebration of the August 2016 Marcus Mosiah Garvey Month.

The event will begin at noon on Greene Avenue and Fulton Street at Cuyler Gore Park.

On Aug. 17, 2002, Garvey’s actual birthday, the campaign held the first ever national Reparations Rally in Washington, D.C. In 2016, the campaign believes reparations remain an urgent and unfulfilled demand, and Black people should organize and take the streets to bring importance to the issue.

The Choice Campaign has declared August to be Marcus Garvey Month, and Aug. 6 as a kick-off “Day of Appreciation for Marcus Garvey” in the streets of Brooklyn.

Call 718-398-1766 if you are interested in attending.