This week, a press conference was held to report on the condition of 16-year-old shooting victim Tylasia Black and demand an investigation into the treatment she received from the Jersey City Medical Center.

On Aug. 9, Black was attending a birthday party in Jersey City when a shooter entered the building and opened fire. A 17-year-old was killed and Black, along with another girl, was struck by fragments from the bullets. Both were taken to Jersey City Medical Center, where Black was given pain killers but no follow-up plan. She was released the same night she was shot.

Black continues to suffer severe pain around her neck and head area. Her mother, Rebecca, is still seeking adequate medical care.

“We demand an investigation into the quality of medical services rendered by the Jersey City Medical Center,” said the Rev. Herbert Daughtry, leader of Brooklyn’s House of the Lord Church, where the family goes to church. “I’ve been told that there are many other complaints regarding inadequate health services.”

Daughtry added that there are plans underway to continue the discussion of treatment at the Jersey City Medical Center. A meeting will take place Wednesday, Aug. 24 at 7 p.m. at 427 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive (on the corner of Forrest Street) to continue organizing the complaints regarding treatment at the Jersey City Medical Center and to also organize a “Stop the Violence” campaign.