Spring/summer '17 designs by Aysen Bitzer (218077)

Backstage at 0039 Italy’s spring/summer ’17 fashion show in Berlin, models try to relax. It takes many hours to get ready for a show. Hair and makeup artists are meticulous, following every instruction given by the designers. The stylists are busy making sure every model is fitted and coordinated with shoes and jewelry. It’s nice to see so many women of color in this show.

With one of a woman’s most beautiful accessories—the blouse—the love story between 0039 Italy and designer Aysen Bitzer comes alive. There’s a deep look, a brilliant idea, fearlessness and passion that’s catapulted in this collection. The atmosphere in the audience feels almost as if you’re in a restaurant sipping tea, or some Champagne. The inspiration for the designer’s collection comes from a sweet, 12-square-meter exhibition stall in Paris. These beautiful clothes and the way they are flowing down the runway influences women’s hearts all over the world.

For androgynous purism, subtle romanticism and delicate refinement are all incorporated in Bitzer’s multifaceted blouse forms. The designer has created a universal platform with her designs. The repertoire of richly diverse 0039 Italy “it” pieces is a mixture of perfection. The look is calm and charming with a cosmopolitan flair. There’s a sensational flow to the collection. Her prints are absolutely gorgeous. Jumpsuits, a variety of tops and bottoms are cleverly crafted.

“The radiating appeal of the blouse and the unrivaled formation into a statement piece is omnipresent at 0039 Italy—a liberating blow to conservative stuffiness,” said Bitzer. “Energetic colors and inspiring patterns on the world’s most exquisite materials are my guiding themes. In doing so, casualness is created through cool cuts, oversize forms and applications.”

Bitzer’s brand is expanding. Her creations are being driven forward charismatically and successfully at the highest level. Her clothes are sold in almost 1500 renowned stores. In 50 countries, world-class women are thrilled about her fine Italian fabrics and exclusive European production. 0039 Italy personifies the feminine rock star attitude that’s newly created in every collection. Bitzer works with an extremely talented and positive team. From the looks of her collection, their spirit is alive. Good show!