It’s that time of year again when community members will gather in Brooklyn for the 35th Annual 10K Community Bike Walk Run Oct. 9.

The Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation needs volunteers to join the effort. The organization is asking for friendly, polite and happy people to join them on the day of the race to help encourage participants, pass out water, help with the awards ceremonies and more. Everyone is welcome to participate.

Every year BSRC hosts this annual event to promote health in the community. From understanding preventable diseases to sharing time and space together with neighbors, the program is about unity within Brooklyn.

“As part of that goal, we are fostering community health and individual health and showcasing the neighborhood. Participants get to travel through the beautiful brownstone blocks,” said Tracey Capers of BSRC.

As one of the key event organizers for 10 years, Capers says the program has had a great impact on health awareness and community development over the years by adding different components to make it more inclusive.

This year, participants can bring their children for the kiddie run, and bikers of course are welcome to ride as well. Capers said the event’s expansion more holistically addresses the health disparities and issues the community faces.

Brooklyn’s adult population suffers from major health issues at a higher rate than the overall population of the city, including obesity, substance abuse and diabetes. According to the New York Department of Health, 27 percent of Brooklyn’s adult population is obese, as compared to 24 percent of the total city population. Even more troubling, 33 percent of Bed-Stuy’s adults are obese and suffering from preventable health issues.

Hundreds from all over the five boroughs and some from outside of New York are expected to race. Capers said it’s a great opportunity to see different parts of Brooklyn that many residents don’t have time to see. She also explained that many enjoy the run because of its unique way of incorporating community pride.

“We are providing residents an opportunity to come together to work on their health as a family. And we’ve arranged a fun-filled event. Something that’s special about our event is the community pride. It’s very distinct from other events. You’re seeing the flavor of the community,” Capers said.

For 50 years, BSRC has worked alongside the community in creating greater access to resources, assistance and more. The organization recently opened up a new facility that is the one-stop shop for family financial mobility. Residents can come in and get help creating a get-out-of-debt plan, learn how to acquire federal resources and more. One of the primary functions of the organization is restoring community access to resources and preserving affordable living while enabling families’ upward mobility.

To volunteer for the Bike Walk Run, email Tina Brooks at Also visit the website for more information at