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Credit: Image by Irina Logra from Pixabay

Hey, brothers and sisters, when have you taken a tape measure and measured your waistline? It has been suggested by those who predict whether you could be a victim of cardiac disease that if you are a male, and your waistline is greater than 40 inches or a female with waist size greater than 35 inches, beware. If you really want to determine how you fit into this cardiac category, just stand in front of a full-length mirror. Images don’t lie!

Often, when I go out for dinner, I am amazed at how many folks are wasting their waistlines by eating and drinking oversized portions of fat and sugar-laden foods. The last thing you see on their plates is an oversized salad, and if you do, the salad dressings are not on the side but is spread amply across the whole plate. It seems also that the delis do a brisk business with all of the prepared salads and delicious meats and cheeses. I would suggest instead of getting a pound of those tasty, fat-laden meats, you get a quarter pound and eat less on a sandwich.

There are many ways you can reduce calories just by buying less and consuming less. Here are some of the ways that you can reduce your waistline:

X-your size by participating in routine exercise.

Beware of those high calories foods and drinks that are advertised by fast food joints. Watch out for hidden calories. Read labels before buying.

Leave comfort foods, such as doughnuts and cookies, alone.

To chip off your waistline, leave the chips in the store.

Don’t eat creamy ice cream; it’s loaded with calories. Try yogurt for yo-gut.

Don’t eat that last brownie before retiring.

Don’t eat while watching television; it will add inches to the waistline.

Look straight ahead when passing those snack machines.

Try going on a no-sugar diet for a month and read the book entitled “Sugar Blues” by William Dufty. It will amaze you.

Finally, life is too sweet to waste away by increasing your waistline.