Kevin Hart "What Now?" (222181)
Credit: Contributed

Kevin Hart’s “What Now?” tour is the centerpiece of this film. Hart performs before a record-setting, sold-out performance filmed outdoors in front of 50,000 people at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field. The movie opens with a skit that includes Halle Berry and Hart in spy-type roles participating in a high-stakes card game with Don Cheadle. Hart then leaves that setting to go to Lincoln Financial Field.

“What Now?” is a collection of already seen skits performed in front of a large, impressive audience with big screens and lots of lights.

However, there is no reason to see “What Now?” now. It gets a Rent It rating.

The opening scene with the undercover agent storyline adds very little to the film. It’s as if the comedian is trying to figure out a way to work with the sexy Berry, and Cheadle said, “Hey, man, find me a role in your next movie!” That opening segment seems forced and doesn’t work.

Once the movie moves on to Hart onstage, the routines are ones his fans have heard before: How he doesn’t have lights on his long driveway or how he wouldn’t want to be with a woman who survives a mountain lion attack.

He liberally uses the “N” word, and “B” word in reference to women. Neither of which is necessary to be funny.

Of course “What Now?” has its funny moments, such as when Hart talks about the impact private school has had on his kids, taking the “edge” off his son.

But ultimately, this film is a perfect production for the Rent It rating. Entertaining, but there’s no need to rush to see it.

It’s rated R for language and adult themes and is 96 minutes in length.