First Central Baptist Church spiritual warriors (front row, let to right) Linda Cray (survivor), Deacon Sylvia Byrd, Alice Hudson (survivor), Antoinette Donegan, (team leader), Ann Felix (survivor), Gail Richards, Linda Cohen, Joanie Godette, (back row left to right) Zendra Smalls, Tequilla Dixon, Lakeisha Owens, Laquida Lawson, Nicole Jones, Deacon Deneen Sims, Beverly Connors, Christine Brown, Jackie Johnson, Rebecca Collins, Sylvia Byrd, Diadrain Clarke-Reide and Horatio Reide. (222225)
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Breast Cancer Awareness (220580)

This past Sunday, Oct. 16, thousands of people came out to the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in New York to help bring awareness to the disease, which is attacking women and men all over the nation. From the shores of Staten Island to Central Park in Manhattan to Prospect Park in Brooklyn, thousands donned clothes, sneakers, boas and hats in pink in solidarity with people who have fought or are fighting the disease. During the month of October, different organizations ask people to come out and support the cause to find the cure for breast cancer. Statistically, of every eight women, one will be diagnosed with cancer. The goal is to bring awareness so that America can find the funding for the cure. This disease has affected thousands of women throughout the country and is the deadliest type of cancer. At the Making Strides walk in Prospect Park, family, friends, members of the December 12th Movement, the Avenue Music Group and Square Circles came out to support nine-year survivor Amsterdam News editor Nayaba Arinde. The walk was a leisurely stroll through the beautiful Prospect Park in Brooklyn. 

The Making Strides organization is dedicated to Margery Gould Rath, who is a breast cancer survivor. Rath wanted to celebrate with other survivors of breast cancer and raise money toward awareness. During her time, her organization didn’t get as much recognition as it does now. In almost 40 years, her organization went from 100 to tens of thousands of participants. On Staten Island the First Central Baptist Church Spiritual Warriors walked with dedication, making the Rev. Dr. Demetrius Carolina proud.

Square Circles is a new organization dedicated to giving support and awareness to Black women battling or surviving breast cancer. Contact Squarecircles9@gmail or @squarecircles1 on Facebook.