Well, well, well.  So Donald J. Trump is our president-elect. And you want to know what The Cosmopolitan Review thinks. After all, this is a social column, and I know you love it when the column tackles real issues. It’s not all about the fluff. 

To begin, it was terribly disappointing to see the candidates roll around in the mud, fighting dirty, flinging accusations, venom and hate. It was even more disappointing to watch the political system encourage this type of verbal abuse, like spectators at a blood and guts boxing match, while the American public tried to keep focus on the issues and on each candidate’s platform.  Perhaps it would have been much more effective for Clinton to have risen above it, making her intentions and means of implementation perfectly clear.  Unfortunately, her platform got lost in the shuffle. I know she wanted to carry on the good work President Obama struggled so hard to achieve for the nation. But let’s face it. Nobody can do it like Obama. Only Obama can do the voodoo that he do so well.

Trump promises he is going to bring back the factory jobs to the United States. There are many factory workers across the United States, and all they know and want to do is factory work. There is nothing wrong with that. We need factories and we need factory workers.  Most recently, I went to buy a suit in a major department store, and the label said, “Made in Vietnam.”  Vietnam!  They don’t even wear suits in Vietnam. With all of the cotton that grows in this country, why aren’t suits made in America?  Shoes from China are about as cheap as you can get. The construction fails to offer good support for your feet, and they fall apart the first time you wear them in the rain. Trump promises to bring the jobs back home. Let’s hold him to it.

On the matter of foreign policy, president-elect Trump stated that he would make (make!) China take over responsibility for North Korea, where Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un is busy making nuclear weapons. He went on to say that China knows how to take care of the problem but prefers to sit back and let the United States handle it. Keeping North Korea in check was something else Obama, and only Obama was able to do. After the last nuclear test launch, which was only a few weeks ago, The New York Times posed the question to China: Why do you continue to let North Korea build nuclear weapons?  

North Korea produces nothing. They get everything from China, not to mention the fact that China is a lot closer to North Korea than the United States is.

The reply from China was basically the following: If we neutralize Korea, then there is the possibility of Korea becoming one nation, which would be democratic. We are a Communist country and don’t particularly want that to happen. Secondly, it would cost China too much money. Let the United States take care of it.

Isn’t that what Trump said? I don’t know how the scene is going to play out, because the situation is volatile to say the least, but let’s hold Trump to it.

Postelection I have heard comments from African-Americans such as, we’ve evolved as a culture and are no longer intimidated by the KKK or the thought of an emerging white supremacy. Others have stated, there was a time when Black people in America had homes and businesses, received a good education, held good jobs, were respectful of one another.  If you want to “go back,” and make America great again, let’s go back to those times. If we, as a culture have gone 10 steps backwards in recent years, it is nobody’s fault but our own. Others have stated, president-elect Trump is a family man. I look at how he treats his family. He treats them very well, showering them with love and respect, and that’s good enough for me. The American people are his family now. Let’s hold him to it.

The polls were wrong because they only saw and posted what they wanted to see. The media (not the New York Amsterdam News, but others) were blatantly bias and painted a picture of a horrific monster, in an effort to scare people into voting for Clinton (only a point of view). Now that the monster is to be the next president of the United States of America, people are frightened, scared. Who wouldn’t be? However, we as Americans are better than that, stronger than that, and there is no dragon that we can’t slay. We begin by not degrading one another. Reports show the soccer season at Harvard University was brought to a sudden end because of “locker room banter.” According to the New York Post, “The Columbia University wrestling team’s season-opening match has been canceled after a series of sexually explicit and racially charged messages among some of the wrestlers were made public.”

You think president-elect Trump is the only man in the U.S. who made degrading remarks about women? Think again. His crude remarks have offended some, been disregarded by others but most importantly, have snatched the covers off and exposed the existence of a mentality that has gone on way too long. Now that we know what it is and where it exists, we can reprimand and make a change, and fix it.

People are afraid of president-elect Trump forming a relationship with Vladimir Putin, the Russian dictator. I am reminded of what Michael Corleone said in “The Godfather”: “You keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” As I understand it, president-elect Trump’s position is we need help with Syria; the United States cannot do it alone. We can no longer count on Great Britain because with the passing of Brexit, they’re out. Poor France is getting battered by all of the recent terrorist activity that has taken place there, so they are of no help. Italy, Japan, Spain, not enough manpower. Terrorism is a major threat to human life and society. I am 100 percent in favor of, and concerned about, the environment but if we don’t stop acts of terrorism, we won’t have to worry about the environment.

We cannot teach our children to be afraid. As President Obama has stated, and he is still the president, we must believe that president-elect Trump will do the things to strengthen, unite and rebuild our country economically, promote unity (yes he did say that) and keep us safe from the enemy, and hope for him to be successful at doing it because in the end, “We are not Republicans or Democrats, we are patriots.”

Clinton has advised us to have an open mind, and that we must. These are very serious times we live in. The world is changing, and if the United States of America is to remain the most powerful nation on the planet, then we too must change.  If we as a people and as a nation work together, we can create miracles. Racism and discrimination are not things, they are people disrespecting and hating one another. Only when individuals stop disrespecting, hating and looking for ways to hurt one another will racism and discrimination cease to exist. Racism and discrimination will not magically disappear by someone pressing a button, or by passing a law (though that will help as some people have to be forced to stop hating, and that’s too bad).  No one person can end racism and discrimination. It will end when individuals open their minds and hearts, and change their slanted perspectives on life and act on what is really important: unity.

So cheer up.  Look on the bright side. The glass doesn’t have to be half empty; it can always be half full.

The next time you see someone of a culture different from yours, say “hello.”  Smile.  Let’s work together to make everyone’s cup runneth over.

Until next week . . . kisses.