Jeans Designed by John Dar (224933)
Credit: Contributed

To benefit an international Rescue Committee, 100 celebrities participated in “Jeans for Refugees” by donating a pair of their own jeans for designer Johny Dar to paint artistically. Each pair of jeans was hand-painted and auctioned online at The jeans looked new and fabulous in all shapes, prints and colors.

To paint the donated jeans, Dar applied a range of colors. He worked through original artistic techniques that expressed the unique personality of each celebrity. His message adds beauty with the color of the rainbow. He stated, “Every individual can enrich our world.”

How did the project begin? “This started as a dream of wanting to make a difference through what I can do,” explained Dar. On a personal level, he could paint the jeans, and the rest was only possible through the generous contributors.

“I am honored and humbled to be a part of this with all these beautiful human beings,” he said. “Your support really means a lot to the world, because by coming together for a common cause, a great change is possible.”

Dar is a pioneering artist who works on an original form of artistic expression. He expresses his talents through painting, illustration, fashion, design, body art, multimedia and music. He is passionate about breaking boundaries, realizing dreams, making the impossible possible and collaborating for a cause. Dar’s work invites his audiences to enjoy new experiences.

At the recent runway event, his models switched and strutted in the most fantastic jeans that were worn with color-coordinated, silk scarf tops. Dar’s “Jean for Refugees” collection shaped up in bell bottoms, hip-fitting styles, fit’n’flare jeans, wide-legged denims, legging looks and tight-fitting jeans. The bold and bright multicolor combinations were amazing. For the spring/summer ’17 presentation, the live music and a vocalist (also on the runway) were outstanding. Prints were extraordinary, including abstracts, paisley, floral, animal patterns and geometric patterns. Some prints were soft. Other painted styles were bold, yet all of the jeans were chic.

“Jeans for Refugees” is a global initiative that facilitates innovation, communication and collaboration to raise funds for refugees worldwide. Every life deserves a chance. Whether you offer financial contribution, skills or resources, everyone can help to create change. Celebrities donated their jeans in solidarity for refugees. From the film, art, fashion and music industries, these talented individuals have all achieved worldwide recognition for their work. With their donations of a pair of jeans, celebrities have again stepped up for a very important cause. Often, refugees have experienced the effects of war and destruction, and are faced with unimaginable challenges of believing in their dreams of a new home and a new beginning. “Jeans for Refugees” seeks to support their dreams by inviting audiences from all over the world to share the dream of a peaceful and harmonious world.