"Some Nerve" (225408)

“Some Nerve: Lessons Learned While Becoming Brave,” (Riverhead), by Patty Chang Anker is a “must read,” according to Parents magazine. This book is a compelling story about everyday courage. It seems to be very timely, especially if you are experiencing a fear of flying, skiing, meeting new people, public speaking, dieting, heights, swimming or something else. Life does take nerve, some risks, and the ability to live your life on your own terms. The author offers readers several examples from her life and tells you just how to overcome your fears and be the best you can be.

Anker is the mother of two daughters and the wife of a successful lawyer. She was raised by immigrants who urged her to work hard on what she was good at. She discovered her interest in media relations and currently writes the “Some Nerve” blog at Psychology Today.com. She also did a stint as a publicist at The New York Times. Her work has appeared in O: Oprah Winfrey Magazine and other publications. According to Psychology Today, “Ms. Anker tells a story for the rest of us, and shows that with a little push, we can prove ourselves braver than we thought.”

Her idea to write this book came right after 9/11. “I was afraid to take risks,” she recalled. In her book, she shares some of the painstaking steps that helped her to overcome her fears. Over time, she learned how to swim and developed the confidence to tackle many of the activities she feared. She accomplished this feat for herself and her daughters. For instance, she had to address the clutter in her home, so she hired an organizer. With the help of advice from friends and the realistic needs of her growing family, she was able to create new experiences and a new life for herself and her family. “A child needs their parents to exhibit organization skills to help them grow,” she said. “Children don’t often do as they are told, but they usually follow their parent’s example, and live as they see their parents live. Having organized spaces to live, helps them to grow. Take one step at a time.”

Through Anker’s stories of dozens of others who have triumphed over common fears, “Some Nerve” conveys with humor and infectious exhilaration the most vital lesson of all. Fear isn’t an end point of your life, it’s the point of entry to a new beginning, a life of incomparable joy.

When she is not facing her fears, she can be found teaching yoga, leading workshops, at speaking engagements or chasing her daughters around Westchester County, NY.

“Some Nerve” is available on Amazon.com and at most book stores. It is a great Christmas stocking stuffer.