Assemblyman Charles Barron (183411)
Assemblyman Charles Barron

I was truly saddened to learn of the passing of Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro. He, along with Ernesto “Che” Guevara, committed his life to the worldwide revolutionary struggle to liberate oppressed people from the exploitative yoke of imperialism, colonialism and capitalism. Castro sent Cuban doctors, technicians, workers and soldiers to countries in Africa (especially Angola), the Caribbean (especially Grenada) and Latin America to support their liberation struggles and aid in the development of their countries. We will not allow America to determine our friends and enemies. Comrade Fidel Castro of Cuba and the current president of Zimbabwe, Comrade Robert Mugabe, are shining examples of revolutionary leaders who have had a positive impact on Africa and the world. We must honor them! In the 1960s Castro visited Harlem, stayed at the Hotel Teresa and met with Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali.

Castro has been uncompromisingly committed to the safety and security of our beloved freedom fighter Assata Shakur, who escaped from the clutches of American capitalism and its pigs to find a safe haven in Cuba. For that we are eternally grateful to Castro and the Cuban people. Castro offered to send 1,500 doctors and humanitarian aid to our people that America allowed to die on their roof tops in New Orleans during the floods of Hurricane Katrina. America rejected his offer.

When Inez and I visited Cuba, we had the honor of visiting Cuba’s world renowned International Medical School, which provides a tuition-free education for medical students from around the world. To our pleasant surprise, we met two medical students from our beloved East New York, Brooklyn. Cuba has the best health care system in the world. Thank you Castro!

Castro survived numerous CIA-planned assassination attempts, the Bay of Pigs invasion, the Cuban missile crisis and the United States’ imperialistic economic embargo, “the blockade,” and yet Cuba remains committed to the revolutionary socialist principle of “free health care” and “free education” for the Cuban people. This commitment does not exist in the United States of America, one of the wealthiest countries (albeit “ill-gotten gains”) the Earth has ever known. It was said, “In the end, the United States couldn’t defeat him. He won by dying on his own terms.”

Rest in peace and power, my brother, for a job well done! Long live the spirit of Comrade Fidel Castro! Long live the spirit of revolution! Forward ever!