Let’s be honest. Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list is overwhelming. You’re basically being forced to guess what your friends, family and co-workers may want (or need). Yikes! So for those of you who aren’t mind-readers, here’s a list of 11 things that may help you when you get ready to purchase something for that person who is always traveling.

  1. Headphones

As more and more planes equip their economy class with personal televisions, help prepare your favorite traveler with a pair of headphones that they can travel anywhere with. The Bose QuietComfort headphones are perfect for traveling because they sit comfortably on your ears for several hours at a time, cancel out surrounding noise (helping them find their mental happy place faster) and come in a flat store case that makes packing easy. $299.95 at www.bose.com.

  1. Carry-on Luggage

If the traveler on your list is always checking a bag, or has a carry-on bag that is seconds away from falling apart, please help him or her by gifting the most important item for any trip: a reliable suitcase that abides by the carry-on standards for most major airlines. My personal favorite luggage brand is Tumi. Although their pieces are a bit pricey, you can rest assured knowing that the suitcase will weather all those (frequent flyer) miles that will be put on it. $475 and up at www.tumi.com.

  1. Global Entry

I can’t stress how worth it Global Entry and TSA pre-check are to anyone who plans to board a plane (even if just for two trips) in the next five years. If the traveler on your list has yet to sign up, give him or her a little push by paying the fee. You’ll be thanked every single time the traveler arrives at the airport for a flight. $100 for both at www.cbp.gov/travel/trusted-traveler-programs/global-entry#.

  1. Ring Video Doorbell

For the person who’s never home, this gift will make it so that he or she always is. The Ring Video Doorbell allows users to see and speak to whoever is outside of the door, whether the user is in a room in the house or on the other side of the world. The small device has motion sensors that detect movement up to 30 feet away, records the visitors that come near, allows you to speak to the person at your door, and is compatible with all iOS and Android devices. $199 at www.ring.com, but you can find it cheaper on other websites.

  1. Personalized Luggage Tag

If the traveler on your list just happens to also be “the person that has everything,” gift him or her with a chic personalized luggage tag that will help ensure that his or her bag will be returned should anything ever happen. Because chances are, even if the traveler already has one, it’s the tag that came with the bag. So it can always be replaced. I love the faux animal skin luggage tags from www.giginewyork.com because they’re made so well they could easily go for more. For an extra $10 you can add up to three initials to give it a personal touch. $30 at www.giginewyork.com.

  1. Electronic Picture Frame

If someone is exploring the world, it’s safe to say he or she is probably taking tons of pictures. Because most people carry cell phones with a decent camera built in, they always have quick access to one for every picture-worthy moment. But let’s be honest. No one ever prints those pictures out. And although vacation books are a great way to show your memories, they take a ton of time and effort to put together. An electronic picture frame is the perfect no-hassle way to showcase those vacation photos in an office or at home. $69.99 & up at www.shop.nixplay.com.

  1. Packing Cube Set

Gift the person you know who is always on the go with something that will keep him or her organized and able to pack for every trip super quickly. Packing cubes help take the stress out of packing. Travelers can keep a cube in their suitcases filled with travel essentials so that the items are always ready. The cubes can be used to separate various items from one another, or even as an indicator of what will fit in the bag when the traveler is in a rush. $14.99 & up at www.ebags.com.

  1. Portable Phone Charger

Travelers rely so heavily on their phones. They are used to take pictures, make reservations at restaurants, play music and get around town with GPS, among other things. It’s no wonder that by mid-day most batteries are in the red. Help travelers prepare for the inevitable by gifting a portable phone charger. Some people will prefer a phone case that also charges (so that it’s one less thing for them to keep up with). $59.95 and up www.mophie.com. I prefer a portable battery pack that I can use and remove as need be. $60 at www.tumi.com/c/tech-gifts.

  1. Ticket Stub Diary

It’s surprising how many little pieces of paper travelers can accumulate on one trip: transportation tickets, tickets to museums and shows, even small amounts of foreign currency that can’t be used back home. Sure, they could just toss it in the trash, but each piece of paper tells a story of something they’ve done or a place they’ve been. Gift the traveler with a ticket stub diary so he or she has a place to house those memories. It will become something fun and easy to do on each trip. And with a sleek cover design that makes it the coffee table book for any home, it’s sure to be the perfect conversation- starter. $15.89 at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01G8LQISW/ref=?tag=sherbent-20&th=1.

  1. Favorite Destination Pillow

If the traveler on your list has a favorite place to visit, gift him or her one of Catstudio’s unique, hand-embroidered pillows. Each pillow takes up to a week to make and showcases the “best of” a particular destination. With pillow designs representing various cities, states, regions, resorts, national parks and countries, you will be sure to find a favorite place. $168.00 & up at www.catstudio.com.

  1. Custom Cufflinks

If you’re looking to gift the traveling man on your list (who already has everything), customize a pair of cufflinks with his favorite nautical location. No man can ever have enough cufflinks, especially when they have a true meaning. These bespoke cufflinks are cut and mounted on solid brass, come tucked in a white hankie in a cedar box and take no more than 10 days to be delivered. $124 at www.yorkrivertraders.com.

Megan Pinckney (@shadesofpinck) is a retired beauty queen turned lifestyle blogger who loves exploring the world and writing about it.