Two Staten Island Assembly members won the first stage of their lawsuit Monday, convincing a State Appellate Division Court to issue a restraining order to stop New York City from destroying documents that were collected for its municipal ID program.

Reportedly, the attorney for Assembly members Nicole Malliotakis (R) and Ron Castorina Jr. (R) filed an article 78 proceeding, seeking an injunction against the city’s plans to destroy the documents. All parties are due back in court Dec. 21. Observers say the IDNYC program was created to provide undocumented immigrants with photo IDs.

IDNYC cannot be used to obtain a driver’s license, board an airplane, cross international borders or rent a car.

Some analysts say that the basis for the law suit was a Freedom of Information Law request the two Republican law makers filed at the end of November, seeking all data affiliated with the IDNYC program. The statute forbids governments from destroying records sought through a FOIL.

“The IDNYC program will be transitioning to a policy that does not involve the retention of cardholders’ personal background documents,” said a joint press release issued by representatives for the mayor and the City Council speaker.

Civil liberties advocates argue that the ID card program could become a deportation database.

Jordan Wells, staff attorney at the New York Civil Liberties Union, told the AmNews that considering the rhetoric of President-elect Donald Trump, “not holding on to the documents is the right decision by the City going forward.” He added that the two legislators may have deliberately and intentionally filed their injunction at a time that would then cause the records to be preserved into the time that the new administration would be able to rule on any appeals.

“There is no jeopardy, there is no impending danger or doom for people who are undocumented at this time,” Castorina told The Village Voice, adding, “And to say that this is going to be used to round people up is just fear mongering in its purest sense.”

The first-term assemblyman represents a district that is 80 percent white, 8.4 percent Latino and 1.0 percent Black. Castorina openly supported Trump. He did not respond to an AmNews request for comment.