As the billionaire and millionaire club continues to grow, everyone is fighting for their piece of the pie. Trump has business people believing that the good times are here again, and lucrative jobs will start flowing. Con men are visionaries because they can make gold out of mud, until they are caught in their fabrications.

Now that Trump has the power, Americans have very short memories. During his campaign Trump made it clear that the majority of his nominations will be white men who are rich or were in the military. There is nothing stopping him and his cronies from controlling America and the world, so he thinks.

At Trump’s thank you tour, he is exacerbating his ego and letting everyone know he won. When he spends 20 minutes telling his supporters the different ways the media said he won a state, his ego is doing all the talking. Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with celebrating with his supporters, but he is not bringing unity to the country.

The Trump propaganda machine is communicating to a certain segment of Americans, and to them this tour is what hope and success looks like. Brian Billman, a Trump supporter, said, “He’s coming at us with a different perspective than we’ve seen for many years from the politicians. We’re out here to support Trump. We wanted to get together with a group of guys and gals and just have a good old time and celebrate a victory.”

“It’s a movement,” Trump declared in Mobile, Ala. “Don’t forget, they didn’t know you existed until Election Day—and then they said, where the hell did all those people come from?”

On MSNBC, columnist Michelle Goldberg weighed in on Trump’s victory tour. “The whole posture is one of both rallying the people who voted for him, and also kind of menacing and threatening the majority who didn’t.” She concluded that Trump will “turn our country into a racist police state.”

There are positive movements that instill harmony and peace, and there are negative movements that instill hate and division. Trump continues to mock his opponents, use divisive rhetoric and only nominate radical conservatives. It appears that Trump lives in a bubble and everything is wonderful and beautiful.

There has been little discussion on the violent and peaceful demonstrations, which took place after Trump won the election. America is deeply divided, and 54 percent of voters cast ballots for someone else, and they do not support Trump’s policies.

With claims from President Obama, the CIA and the FBI that Russia somehow helped Trump get elected, at some point he will be forced by the media to address this subject. It is easy to hold rallies when 98 percent of the attendees are Trump supporters, but the discussion of Russia’s involvement in the election is not going away.

Fox and Trump can spin his victory tour as a great event for America, but our president-elect is not addressing issues and questions that need to be answered. How many of Trump’s properties and business ventures have relied on or currently rely on equity investments from Russian nationals? Why has Trump not been forced by the media to release his taxes?

On Jan. 20, 2017, Trump will become the president of the United States, and the weight of the country and world will be on his shoulders. He must have well thought out plans and ideas, or he will continue to operate by the seat of his pants.

More than 330 million people are expecting the new president to make the right decisions. I am not a pessimist, but I don’t feel comfortable as a Black man with Trump making the right decisions.