Spring/summer '17 design by Marta Zampolini (228324)

The passion of fashion accompanies Marta Zampolini’s spring/summer collection. When she was young, Zampolini loved to “steal with her eyes” the tricks of her grandmother’s dressmaking skills. She remembers studying her grandmother’s techniques and watching the flow of fabrics between her experienced hands as her grandmother created beautiful dresses. To Zampolini, the magic that emanated from those fabrics represented such style. At the beginning of her fashion career, she studied at Spoleto’s Institute of Arts and focused on weaving, and then decided to join the fashion designer course of the IED in Rome.

While working and going to school, she experienced what it was like to be a designer. She involved herself in many fashion shows organized by the IED. Moreover, her thesis was about fashion design.

After graduation, Zampolini started her women’s sportswear design company in Rome. She worked at Pepoli Pret a Porter with Essemaglia in di Ripa Bianca and Fabiana Filippi Cashmere. After their long partnership, she decided to move to the German capital and develop her fashion brand. She is inspired by her travels—while traveling she noticed that the women who traveled were influenced by the weather. When climates change, so do your clothes. Her main goal was to create a collection that travels well. Her dresses can adapt to a woman’s lifestyle, whether she is traveling or not. Comfort is key.