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Credit: Pixabay

Well, commercial Christmas is over and folks are beginning to regain their sanity after buying, buying and buying and charging, charging and charging. Now they realize it is time to pay, pay and pay for those overpriced things that they bought during their period of insanity.

Why do we buy so much? Why do we need so much? I personally believe that the amount one buys is related to how much depression one is experiencing. Now, I don’t mean that you are depressed about things that are happening in your life, but the feelings you may have about things happening in the world.

During the Christmas season, millions of greeting cards are sent to family and friends. Have you noticed, for example, that when you receive a Christmas card, if the person simply signs his or her name and that’s it, you feel a little cheated that the person didn’t express some sort of love for you. Often, you would feel so much better if the sender of the card expressed just a little bit of love and concern for you.

Several years ago, I decided to send a dear friend a card and expressed to him that we exchange the same card yearly to one another with the addition of certain things that were occurring in our lives at that time, things such as the birth of a child, family milestones, career advancements, etc. Well that card went back and forth for several years and it was such a memorial to our lives. I have found it so difficult to throw many beautiful Christmas cards away. It seems like such an artistic waste. In fact, I just feel like crossing the person’s name off and sending it back to them the following year. Think about it!

This year, my wife and I will be celebrating 50 years of marriage during the holidays. Through the years, I have saved the cards that she has given to me, and they have been very comforting to look back on. I’m sure you have done the same. If not, I would suggest that you do. Also, remember, the giving of presents does not really express your love and gratitude. It’s your presence that is important.

The next time you send out that greeting card, express just a little bit more love added on to the verses. I would further suggest that instead of a card, just picking up the phone to say hello is even better and more economically feasible when you consider the cost of a card and postage.

Next year, when this holy season returns, keep your sanity and use your funds wisely by helping those all over the world who are in need. Blessings to all in the new year!