Photo courtesy of the Pet Age staff (228980)

The Purina Animal Nutrition Center is an organization that is located in hills of Gray Summit, Missouri. Since 1894, when the organization began, the focus on and care of animals, such as providing healthy diet, has gradually increased.

The organization is partnered with an extensive network of independent feed dealers and farm and fleet retailers. Purina has conducted more than 20,000 research studies of specialized ingredients and nutrient combinations. The farm has 3,000 animals and 100 employees to care for the animals.

Purina Animal Nutrition Center recently donated chickens to schools across the country, such as Rosamond Elementary School, The Alva School, River Ridge, Oscar Mayer Magnet School, The William T. Harris School and others, to start the Schoolyard Chicken Movement. The Schoolyard Chicken Movement benefits both students and animals. Instead of notebooks and pencils, chickens are delivered, giving students a hands-on education.

Schoolyard chickens help educate students in animal care, responsibility and the origin of the food they eat. Purina Poultry Facebook fans share their chicken stories by creating simple videos through Chick Flick, an app provided by Purina. For each Chick Flick shared, Purina donates 5 pounds of chicken feed to their Coop-to-School Network. To learn more about raising backyard chickens, visit or connect with Purina Poultry on Facebook or Pinterest. If your school has a backyard chicken coop, sign up for Purina’s Coop-to-School Network to connect with fellow educators and receive tips.