NYS Assemblymember Michael Blake, former FSCNY Scholarship Winner, presented the FSCNY/MoneyGram International Scholarship Awards to 2016's winners last May. (228979)

The Financial Service Centers of New York, is a professional trade association that represents the New York’s licensed check cashing industry. The industry association comprises 110 companies that is maintains approximately 530 check cashing locations throughout the state. FSCNY was created to fulfill society’s needs financially and give access to affordable and secure financial service in the community. FSCNY offers additional services such as money orders, money/wire transfers, ATM access, public transit MetroCards, electronic bill payments and tax preparation and filing.

The FSCNY’s Rewarding Young Leaders in Our Community Scholarship program is currently in its 21st year. This program focuses on promoting and supporting leadership and accomplishments among high school graduates. To be eligible to apply for the scholarship, applicants must have demonstrated academic achievement, leadership and 50 hours of volunteer community service while in high school. Applicants also must submit a 250-word essay describing a rewarding experience through their community service. Applicants must be in grade 12 at a public high school in New York.

Several scholarships, including the William Siegel Scholarship and Gene Schott Scholarship awards, will be provided to the recipients. The awards consist of a onetime cash allowance to be applied toward the tuition of the selected college/university. The cash award is in the range of $2,000 to $7,500, based on the recommendations of the Selection Committee. The deadline for the application is March 6, 2017. The students are selected based on academic achievements and skills that represents leadership throughout school and in the community. The highest annual amount ever granted in the FSCNY/MoneyGram program was to seven students from New York and Westchester Country who received more than $40,000 in scholarships and prizes. Since the program started in 1996, it has awarded a total of $753,000 in scholarships. For more information and an application visit click here.