Fashions from spring/summer 2018 (230153)

For 2018, Wonderlust is a trending mood. The theme reaches into the young, eager spirit of nature and adventure. Colors are energetic in high, pastel tones. There’s a solid base of dark shades. This area outlines the essential highlights and creative combinations of spring/summer 2018.

Wonderlust colors come from a naturally deep base of woodland, camouflage green into a wild collection of orange, yellow and pink. Heightened shades of green and safety orange are charged with energy and optimism. Softer shades come off in a range of pastels that work with tonal partners. To soften the impact in fashions, bright crimson reds make good partners with lighter shades.

In menswear, colors are shuffled and remixed. It’s part of a slash/slash generation that’s combined with disciplines in buttoned-down white shirts with shirttails hanging outside slim jeans. A pair of washed out jeans are worn with a three-button, short-sleeved classic shirt. It’s a fresh approach to design and used to shake up or disrupt the establishment. There’s also a romantic era coming in with soft shirts and draped looks, according to Trendszoom and We Connect Fashion reports.

For fall/winter 2017-18, navy sateen offers a new sophisticated look at classics. Color-blocking, cut-up blockings in bold prints appear in silhouettes that are borrowed from boys. Look for man-tailored construction and proper proportions that offer a relaxed, gender-neutral, agender silhouette alternatives to womenswear.

Color-blocked designs are reinvented and they often contour the body. There’s a bold palette that’s re-lined with complimentary yet directional shades. Look for strict geometric paneling that creates a structural statement effect. Stripes are reworked to give you a fresh take on a classic pattern.

Classic shades of navy offer added depth with dark, ink-like casts for both casual and evening looks. For density of color, navy tones are strong. There are overdyed finishes with a smarter take on utility fabrics. Important finishes include self-trims and subtle sheens in intense colors.

The gender lines become blurred for fall womenswear fashion. These female designs feature masculine details. Here, the female form is often redefined with a masculine silhouette. There are boxy shapes, voluminous fits that follow traditional tailoring codes. Monochrome shirting and suiting have a masculine modernity.