Caviar from Petrossian (230480)

Some might think Valentine’s Day is a throwaway holiday, created by a chocolate-flowers-cards consortium to get us to spend money unnecessarily. Perhaps this assertion is true, but if you are going to spend that money for a special food lover in your life, the New York City institution, Petrossian, has something decadent.

We have heard of the 25 days of Christmas and the eight days of Hanukah. Why not Petrossian’s 14 days of Valentine gift box? Sure, one gift is great, but opening a caviar inspired gift every day until the big day arrives is no shade of wrong. Petrossian cleverly matched individual packages, some for the morning and some for the night, culminating in a caviar feast!

Days 1-7 offers gourmet coffee, decadent preserves, madeleines, macarons, myriad cookies and rare chocolates. Days 8-13 hits all of the savory notes, starting with Spanish cured pork, loin (lomo) and the famous Jamon Iberico (leg). Then comes salmon roe, followed by foie gras with truffles (passing out at this point). Trout roe and red king crab merus (meat from the largest part of the leg) sets you up for Valentine’s Day caviar of either Alverta President (total package: $1,000) or Tsar Imperial Ossetra (total package: $1,200).

Visit to see all of their delicacies, to order this 14 Days of Valentine’s Day gift box or create your own package of love victuals. It will certainly be a romantic two weeks!